About Kimi

Kimi is Japanese and was born and raised in Beirut. She lives in Copenhagen and is fluent in Arabic, French, English and Danish. Despite her Japanese roots, her knowledge of Japanese is basic.

After years of working in the banking sector in Lebanon, she kicked off a career in international development by exploring economic opportunities in post-conflict South Lebanon, undertaking a study on microcredits in poverty pockets in Lebanon including Palestinian refugee camps, and generating baseline/impact data of a post-conflict rural cluster community programme.

Kimi has been living in Denmark since 2002, where she worked as a consultant for COWI and Tana Copenhagen, and as programme coordinator on the responses to the Malian, Iraqi and Syrian displacement crises for Caritas Denmark.

Over the past 15 years Kimi has accumulated hands-on experience working in a variety of contexts, including fragile and protracted displacement contexts covering the fields of human rights and governance, micro and small business development, and women and youth participation and empowerment.

To date, she has led and been involved in assignments covering all phases of the project cycle with an increasing focus on reviews and evaluations.  She is currently part of a core team of evaluators under the Swedish International Development Agency’s (Sida) Framework for Evaluations and a member of the Danida Fellowship Centre's capacity development roster list.

As a resident in Denmark with a background from the MENA region, Kimi has also engaged with integration related assignments in Denmark.