2015External Evaluation of Restless Development Tanzania Programmes, 2007-2015TanzaniaSida
via Indevelop
Independent consultant
2012External Evaluation of the Fund for Dialogue and Cooperation on Gender and Women’s RightsMENADanish Centre for Information on Gender, Equality and Ethnicity (Kvinfo)Tana Copenhagen
2011Review of the Danish-Arab Youth Political CooperationLebanonDanish Youth Council (DUF)Tana Copenhagen
2011Review of the EAC and MENA Carbon Footprint of Products Pilot Project, 2010-2011MENA and East AfricaSidaTana Copenhagen
2011Evaluation of the project Strengthening of Social Partnership Network in MongoliaMongoliaDanish Mongolia SocietyIndependent consultant
2011Independent Evaluation of the Unleashing African Entrepreneurship InitiativeTanzaniaDanish Embassy in GenevaTana Copenhagen
2011Review of the Local Development Programme I and II MENADanidaTana Copenhagen
2011External Evaluation of the International Peace Building Programme (Uganda, Nepal, Burundi)DenmarkThe Rockwool FoundationTana Copenhagen
2010Review of the Strategic Business Promotion across BorderMENADanidaCOWI
2010Midterm Review of the Good Governance Support Programme in Niger (PAGEB)NigerDanidaCOWI
2009External Evaluation: Euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights Defenders (EMHRF), 2005-2008MENA and EuropeEMHRF (for Danida, Sida, Dutch foreign ministry)COWI
2009Review of the Action Plan for Danish Support to Private Sector Development in Danida Programme CountriesDenmarkDanidaCOWI
2008Review of the Moroccan-Danish Partnership ProgrammeJordanDanish Ministry of Foreign AffairsCOWI
2008Final Evaluation of the Integrated Action on the Safe Age of Marriage and Women’s Economic EmpowermentYemenDanish Ministry of Foreign AffairsCOWI
2007-2008Review of the Jordanian-Danish Partnership ProgrammeJordanDanish Ministry of Foreign AffairsCOWI
2007Thematic Review of Mainstreaming of Cross Cutting IssuesDenmarkDanish Ministry of Foreign AffairsCOWI
2006External Review: Women Living under Muslim Law: International Solidarity NetworkUKNoradCOWI
2004Midterm evaluation of the GER Initiative-a peri urban business development programmeMongoliaCHF, now Global CommunitiesIndependent consultant