Thematic areas

Stonemark works with three core areas:

Private Sector Development

Stonemark believes that promoting small-scale private sector initiatives can pave the way for vulnerable groups in local communities including women and youth towards economic self-reliance and empowerment. Stonemark works to support livelihood, entrepreneurship and micro and small business development in line with  value chain and market system development thinking.


A proponent of the principles of human rights based approach, Stonemark strives to support processes and practices that strengthen the knowledge, voices and actions of right-holders including vulnerable groups in demanding accountability from duty bearers. Stonemark works to support local governance dynamics, community, and stakeholder engagement.

Women’s empowerment

Stonemark believes that girls and women are as valuable and productive as agents in society as their male counterparts. Stonemark works to support initiatives promoting access to information, services, resources and opportunities that lay the ground for girls and women to make their own choices and decisions in social, political and economic life.