Photo: Kimi H Pedersen
Photo: Kimi H Pedersen

An explorative study on social actors promoting the implementation of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Freedom of Religion or Belief in Denmark, Lebanon and Morocco

MENA (2018)
Client: Danmission


This study is anchored in a specific output of the Human Rights and Dialogue Consortium under the Danish Arab Partnership Programme, 2017-2022 that strives to expand and strengthen the scope of work of human rights actors by including other relevant actors in society such as religious actors.

The objective of the study was explore the potential for the creation of a network/alliance between religious and non-religious/human rights actors to work on the freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) in MENA. Pilot countries included Morocco, Lebanon and Denmark. Accordingly, the study identified and mapped key actors potentially addressing FoRB and tested the assumption about the potential for a network/alliance, providing strategic considerations on the way forward.   

Services provided

Stonemark undertook the explorative study in pilot countries and debriefed on results and recommendations internally at Danmission and externally at a high-level stakeholder meeting.