Photo: Kimi H Pedersen (MEDRC headquarters)
Photo: Kimi H Pedersen (MEDRC headquarters)

Evaluation of 'Fostering regional cooperation on transboundary water management' implemented by the Middle East Desalination and Research Centre (MEDRC)

Denmark/Oman (2019)
CLIENT: Sida (via Niras Sweden)


MEDRC is the only surviving structure from the Middle East peace process. It works to promote transboundary water management and research to address the issue of water scarcity in the region. The objectives of the evaluation is to assist Sida and MEDRC in assessing the progress of the project (2016-2019) to serve as input on the decision of whether the partnership should continue and if so, on the design of a potential phase. The evaluation focused on four OECD/DAC evaluation criteria (excluding impact) and gender equality.

Services provided

Stonemark was deputy team leader responsible for data collection, analysis and reporting on efficiency and effectiveness including project management, gender equality and M&E using mixed methods.