Photo: Kimi H Pedersen
Photo: Kimi H Pedersen

Midterm review of the Country Programme Niger-Denmark, 2017-2022

CLIENT: Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida (in consortium with HN Consultants)


The country programme supports three thematic programmes namely 1) Democratic governance, stability and migration management, 2) Water and sanitation, and 3) Employment and economic growth in agriculture. The objective of the review is to assess the overall performance of the country programme and its thematic programmes in relation to results achieved, challenges faced and needs for adjustments in the remaining period of the programme.

Services provided

Stonemark was responsible for the assessment of the thematic programme on governance, stability and migration management comprising four engagements notably: 1) Support to stability through a delegated partnership to UNDP, 2) Support to governance and human rights implemented by Oxfam Ibis through a grant facility for civil society organisations and support to the Human Rights National Commission and the media regulatory authority with focus on capacity development, 3) Support to building national capacities in managing demographic growth via a delegated partnership to UNFPA and 4) Support to building national capacities in migration management delegated to IOM.