Photo: Kimi H. Pedersen
Photo: Kimi H. Pedersen

Evaluation of the Resilience in local governance (RESLOG) project 2018-2021

Lebanon and Turkey (2021)
CLIENT: SKL International (via Tana Copenhagen)


RESLOG is implemented by SKL international, a company owned by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions SALAR. The project is implemented in Lebanon and Turkey under the framework of Sweden's regional strategy for the Syrian crisis 2016-2020 (extended to apply in 2021-2023). It aims at strengthening the institutional capacity and resilience of local government in the context of the Syrian displacement crisis focusing on unions of municipalities with high density of Syrian refugees. The evaluation was primarily formative and assessed relevance, effectiveness and efficiency in view of providing recommendations as input for discussions with Sida in the preparation of the upcoming phase of the project.

Services provided

Stonemark is team leader of the evaluation and undertook the field visit to the Akkar governorate in northern Lebanon.