End-term Evaluation of Women's Economic Empowerment through Strengthening Market Systems (WEESMS), Bangladesh

Denmark/Bangladesh (2021)
CLIENT: Sida (via Niras Sweden)


WEESMS is 5-year project that combines market system development and women's economic empowerment. It strives to address market system constraints facing women led/owned/oriented SMEs and female workers in two sectors: Jute diversified products and home textiles, and packaged and processed food The purpose of the evaluation is i) to assess results achieved in terms of systemic change and i) to provide insights as a basis for decisions that would shape the upcoming Sida portfolio in Bangladesh.  

Services provided

Stonemark is team leader of the evaluation. The evaluation relied on qualitative data collection methods and secondary quantitative data. It adopted a blended approach of in-country and remote data collection in light of the covid-19 pandemic.